Our History:

Byron Center Protestant Reformed Church had its beginnings when a group of Protestant Reformed adults from the Cutlerville/Byron Center area met in the library of Byron Center Township in the spring of 1981 to study the Canons of Dort.  From this class, the Hudsonville PRC Consistory decided to take a survey of how many of this group was interested in starting a Protestant Reformed church in the area.


There were approximately twenty one families represented at a meeting held in March of 1983 and all were interested in starting a new church.  A feasibility committee of nine men was chosen to contact these families and draw up a budget.   A meeting was held in April when a request was filed with the stated clerk of Classis East to seek approval to form a new congregation.  Hudsonville PRC would oversee the activities until classis approved the request.  Worship services began on August 7 at the Byron Center Christian Junior High School.  Approval from Classis came on September 14.  An organizational service was held on October 20, 1983 with twenty two families and two single men making up the church family of the new Byron Center Protestant Reformed Church.


The Lord has richly blessed the members by moving them into their new church building in Byron Center on August 14, 1988 with forty one families and seven individuals.  In 2002, a foyer, four classrooms, a consistory room and library were added. 


We were blessed with 25 years of existence in 2008 with two former pastors invited to preach for us again during our celebration.  A Women's Retreat was sponsored by our church in 2006, 2008, 2010, and  2013 for the PR denomination and a Men's Conference in 2012.


The denominational Synod of 2016 designated Byron Center PRC to call a home missionary and to work with him and the Domestic Mission Committee to search out new fields of labor in the US.  In September of 2017, Rev. Spriensma accepted that call and is our current home missionary.  Since then, we have been given our fifth pastor to lead us in the green pastures of God's Holy Word.


As of June 2018, the congregation had 123 families and approximately 525 total members, including nine elders and seven deacons. The long-range planning committee is studying to see how best to respond to this blessing of God – whether to remodel property, or form a daughter church.   As we continue to grow under God’s guiding hand and the faithful preaching of His Word, we give thanks for all that has been accomplished in our midst by the power of His grace.  To God be all the glory!



Ministers who have served our congregation:


B. Gritters, 1984 – 1994

D.J. Kuiper, 1995 – 2001

R. VanOverloop,  2004 – 2008

A. Spriensma, 2010 – 2017

A. Lanning, 2018 – 2020




Article contributors: Mrs. Ardith Oomkes; Mr. Harlow Kuiper